The law imposes a $25.00 surcharge whenever a person is charged with any offense (other than a non-moving traffic offense) and posts bail.


Bonds may be posted in the Clerk of Courts office Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Property bonds may only be posted during regular business hours.

Personal Recognizance Bond (P.R. Bond):

If a defendant, who has been released on a P.R. Bond, does not appear in court, a new felony charge may be filed.

Once the final judgment is filed in a criminal case, the conditions of a P.R. bond are considered met and the bond is released.

Insurance Bonds:

An insurance bond must be posted by a surety agent who is certified by the Ohio Department of Insurance and registered in the Ashtabula County Clerk of Courts office.

Property Bond:

The following qualifications must be met to post a property bond:

When the final judgment is filed, the Clerk of Courts office will send notice to the Recorder's Office to release the lien from the property.

Cash Bond:

Cash or a cashier's check are required tender for posting a cash bond.

When the final judgment is filed, the amount of a cash bond will be refunded to the depositor by ordinary mail.

Ten Percent Bond:

A 10% bond allows the defendant to be released by posting cash equal to 10% of the bond amount set by the court.

When the final judgment is filed, 90% of the deposit shall be returned upon compliance with all conditions of the bond.

Insurance Bond:

When the final judgment is filed, the bond's conditions are fulfilled and the bond is considered released.