A "foreclosure action" is a complaint filed in the Court of Common Pleas requesting that real estate be sold to satisfy a debt. A copy of the complaint, summons are issued by the Clerk of Courts to the property owners and any other parties named in the case.

  1. Within 28 days after service of this summons, you must serve (deliver or mail) a copy of your Answer upon the Plaintiff(s)’ attorney. If the Plaintiff does not have an attorney, you must serve the Answer on the Plaintiff. The 28 day deadline is mandatory. It excludes the date you received this summons and includes the date that you serve the Plaintiff’s attorney or the Plaintiff.
  2. You must also file your original Answer with the Clerk of Court’s Office within 3 days after you serve the Plaintiff(s)’ attorney or Plaintiff, as appropriate.

If you do both steps 1 and 2, you are currently in your home AND would like to remain, you may be considered for the court’s mediation service.